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Corona Coatings Corp.: Colton's Trusted Spray Foam Roofing and Insulation Services Provider

Established in 1976, Corona Coatings Corp. is committed to providing our Colton commercial and residential clients with high quality, competitively-priced polyurethane spray foam roofing, wall insulation, and storage tank insulation services. All of our highly trained technicians have years of experience working in the polyurethane spray foam industry, and are required to adhere to the highest standards of professionalism in both their workmanship as well as in their conduct while on the jobsite.

Polyurethane spray foam insulation is a time-tested, proven solution for maintaining even temperatures and reducing the energy costs associated with the heating and cooling of residential and commercial properties. It has the highest R-Value of any insulation method available on the market, and has the ability to adhere to nearly any prepared surface, and create a weather-tight thermal barrier between the structure and the outside elements. The decision to install spray foam roofing and wall insulation at your Colton home or business can have a significant impact on your energy budget, greatly reducing utility bills. Moreover, the installation of spray foam roofing or insulation may make residential and commercial property owners eligible for tax credits, rebates, and other government incentives available to encourage "green," sustainable development.

Call Us Today. Choose the industry leader, and discover how our superior polyurethane spray foam insulation products can enhance the comfort of your Colton home or business and reduce your energy costs. We offer free onsite consultations and estimates, as well as free inspections of existing foam roofs. Corona Coatings Corp. holds both a C-39 Roofing Contractor's license as well as a C-2 Insulation Contractor's license, and is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the Spray Foam Insulation Alliance (SFIA).

Commercial Polyurethane Spray Foam Services, Colton, California

Corona Coatings Corp. is committed to providing expert spray foam roofing, wall insulation, tank coating, and roof maintenance, inspection, and certification services for Colton businesses. We are an authorized contractor for both the Henry Company and NCFI Polyurethanes, and proudly install their spray polyurethane foam roofing and insulation products for our valued commercial clients. Is your commercial built-up, cap sheet, gravel, metal, or standing seam roof leaking, or is it weathered beyond repair? Don't install the same problematic asphalt-based roofing system again. Call Corona Coatings Corp.

Let our roofing professionals install our durable, lightweight spray polyurethane roofing system directly over your existing roof system, providing your Colton business with a brand new roof within a matter of days. And for existing gravel roof systems, we will remove the gravel before we apply our foam roof, relieving your commercial property of thousands of pounds of structural load.

Residential Polyurethane Spray Foam Services, Colton, California

At Corona Coatings Corp., we have installed our durable, energy efficient spray polyurethane foam roofing, wall insulation, and tank coating for Colton homeowners since 1976. Insulation is an extremely important aspect of every home's design, because it has a major impact on the comfort of those inside. Moreover, the efficiency of a home's insulation system has a significant effect on the energy output required to heat and cool a home, and can greatly influence home heating and cooling costs. Spray polyurethane foam roofing and wall insulation systems provide superior thermal performance over traditional insulation systems. They possess a higher R-Value, and unlike conventional fiberglass and cellulose insulation, which is characterized by gaps in coverage, form a seamless envelope around a home for the most effective thermal barrier possible. In addition, foam roofing and wall insulation inhibits airflow through roofs and walls, preventing the influx of dust, pollen, and outside noise.

Closed Cell Foam Roof and Roof Repair for Colton, California

Spray polyurethane foam roofing systems (SPRS) are the comparably-priced, durable alternative to roofing or re-roofing your commercial or residential property with traditional asphalt-based roofing materials, and are becoming increasingly popular for use on both new and existing Colton flat-roofed homes and businesses. Spray polyurethane foam roofing systems are:

  • Lightweight - and will have little effect on a roof's structural load
  • Durable - and can withstand foot traffic and other weight requirements
  • Seamless - unlike traditional asphalt-based flat-roof roofing systems, which makes them vulnerable to developing leaks
  • Virtually Leakproof - due to their ability to form a tight seal around all ductwork and other roof penetrations
  • Energy Efficient - and qualify property owners for utility company energy rebates in many metropolitan areas

Moreover, they can be applied directly over an existing roof, precluding the need for a costly, noisy, and disruptive tear-off of the old roofing system, and can be repaired easily by the reapplication of additional SPRS product. Call us today. We offer Colton free onsite estimates.

Foam Roof Maintenance, Colton, California

While polyurethane foam roofing systems are extremely durable, routine maintenance is important to ensure they function optimally. At Corona Coatings Corp., we offer an affordable annual routine maintenance service in which we clean and inspect spray foam roofs, removing all debris and checking the roof membrane for any damage. At Corona Coatings Corp., our foam roofing professionals only recommend the most cost-effective, necessary repairs, and perform all repairs with the long-term functionality of your Colton home or business polyurethane spray foam roofing system in mind.

Spray Foam Storage Tank Insulation, Colton, California

At Corona Coatings Corp., we have provided our tank insulation services for homes, businesses and municipalities throughout the Inland Empire, and have performed tank insulation projects for homeowners; businesses such as restaurants and hotels; countless industrial clients; and also municipal clients, including the City of Riverside. And because customer satisfaction is extremely important to us, our knowledgeable spray foam installation technicians work closely with our valued residential and commercial clients to ensure that their tank insulation projects are performed to their exact specifications. In addition, because foam insulation adds inches to the diameter of storage tanks, our technicians always replace our clients' storage tank fittings as necessary following foam insulation application, in order to accommodate the increased dimensions of the tank. Call us today, for a free onsite estimate in Colton.

Closed Cell Foam Wall Insulation, Colton, California

Corona Coatings Corp. also installs energy efficient spray foam wall insulation for Colton homes and businesses as well as residential and commercial properties throughout the Inland Empire. Spray polyurethane foam's resistance to heat transfer (R-value) is far superior to blown-in cellulose insulation or fiberglass batt insulation, and this high R-value, in combination with the airtight seal spray polyurethane foam provides within the wall cavity, can result in dramatic energy savings. Unlike fiberglass batt and cellulose insulation, spray polyurethane foam wall insulation has the ability to conform tightly to every angle and structure within the wall cavity, eliminating gaps around electrical outlets and conduits, and forming a tight seal around pipes and other through-the-wall plumbing penetrations.

Corona Coatings Corp.: Call Us Today, Colton, California

Find out how the high quality polyurethane spray foam products we provide can improve your home or business environment. Call us today, for a free onsite estimate at your Colton home or business. Corona Coatings Corp. is a licensed contractor.

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Thank you Corona Coatings for your outstanding service and hard work. The new roof performs better than our expectations. The roof actually drains and we have not had a single leak. First time in 8 years and we have noticed that our Office Building is a lot cooler. Thanks to the insulation benefit!

GSK Products, Inc.


Dear Team Corona Coatings,

We wanted to take this opportunity to THANK YOU for the wonderful job your team did on our new roof. The cool roof has met and well exceeded our expectations. Most important, our leaks are gone but with the new roof the inside of our building . . .

Dave and Robin Nash, Four Seasons Truck Center, Colton, CA

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