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Corona Coatings: Providing Comprehensive Foam Roofing and Insulation Services to Lake Elsinore

Established in 1976, Corona Coatings is the premier choice in Lake Elsinore for competitively-priced residential and commercial polyurethane spray foam roofing, foam wall insulation, foam tank coating, and foam roof inspection and certification services. In our over 47 years in business, we have performed thousands of commercial and residential spray foam installation projects throughout our Inland Empire service area. And due to our excellent workmanship and the superior customer service we provide, the homeowners, business owners, and construction industry professionals we have served have referred us repeatedly to their business associates, family members, neighbors, and friends.

At Corona Coatings Corp., our skilled installation technicians each have 12 to 14 years of experience working in the spray polyurethane foam roofing and insulation industry, and are required to adhere to a rigorous schedule of ongoing training in the use and application of the high-performance, long-lasting foam roofing, wall insulation, and tank insulation systems we apply. Corona Coatings Corp. is an authorized contractor for both the Henry Company and NCFI Polyurethanes, and proudly installs their spray polyurethane foam roofing and insulation products for its valued clients. Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) roofing and wall insulation systems provide superior thermal performance over conventional insulation systems, and are simply the most energy efficient insulation systems available today.

Call the foam roofing and insulation professionals at Corona Coatings. We offer free onsite consultations and estimates to Lake Elsinore. Corona Coatings Corp. is a licensed contractor.

Best Value in Commercial and Residential Polyurethane Spray Foam Services for Lake Elsinore, California

At Corona Coatings, we are committed to educating Lake Elsinore homeowners, business owners, and construction industry professionals about the benefits of our long-lasting polyurethane foam roofing, wall insulation, and storage tank coating products. Spray polyurethane foam products form a virtually uninterrupted environmental envelope over the roof and throughout the walls of a structure, providing a highly efficient barrier against airflow through the roof and walls, and preventing the inflow of outdoor dust, pollen, and other airborne pollutants. Moreover, the installation of spray foam roofing or insulation in new or existing construction may make the property's owner eligible for tax credits, energy company rebates, and other incentives designed to encourage sustainable development.

Durable Spray Foam Roofing for Lake Elsinore, California

Why choose a spray polyurethane roofing system for your Lake Elsinore home or business? A spray polyurethane roofing system is a monolithic, seamless structure that has the capacity to adhere to horizontal, vertical, and overhead surfaces. It is self-flashing, fills and seals small open spaces, and fills low areas caused by roof sagging or construction faults. Don't replace your existing asphalt-based roof roofing system with the same old troublesome roof, call Corona Coatings Corp. today. At Corona Coatings Corp., our skilled roofing technicians can typically apply our spray foam polyurethane roofing system directly over an existing asphalt-based roof, precluding the need for a costly, disruptive tear-off of the old roofing system.

The primary function of a roof is to keep moisture out of the building, and the two-step process used to apply sprayed polyurethane roofing systems (SPRS) assures a double layer of protection against moisture. First, a layer of closed cell polyurethane foam forms a thick, seamless barrier to prevent water penetration. Then, an elastomeric coating forms an additional shield against moisture and offers protection from the intense rays of the sun. This two-step roofing system provides superior protection against the elements. Also, unlike conventional built up roofing systems, spray foam roofs have no seams or laps where leaks often develop. In fact, a spray foam roof is self-flashing, effectively sealing all penetrations and wall junctures.

Professional Foam Roof Maintenance, Inspection, and Certification Services for Lake Elsinore, California

At Corona Coatings Corp., we offer an affordable, annual routine foam roof maintenance service to Lake Elsinore. While foam roofing systems tend to be problem free, they do require periodic "checkups" to ensure proper function. During our maintenance service, our roofing professionals will remove all debris, such as fallen leaves and twigs, from your foam roof, and thoroughly inspect the roof membrane. They will then evaluate the integrity of your foam roofing system, and provide a written proposal describing any recommended roof repairs. At Corona Coatings Corp., our knowledgeable roofing professionals will only recommend the most cost-effective, essential repairs necessary to prolong the lifespan and functionality of our spray foam roofing systems.

At Corona Coatings Corp., we also offer Lake Elsinore free on-site foam roofing system inspections, during which our qualified foam roofing professionals will carefully evaluate the condition of your residential or commercial foam roofing system and recommend repairs as needed to keep your foam roof functioning exceptionally. In Addition, all of our repairs can be custom color-matched to seamlessly blend with any existing polyurethane foam roof color. Corona Coatings Corp. also performs official foam roofing system certifications, required by real estate law on all commercial and residential properties possessing a foam roofing system prior to sale.

Polyurethane Spray Foam Tank Insulation Services for Lake Elsinore, California

Polyurethane spray foam insulation is a time-tested, proven solution for maintaining even temperatures and reducing the energy costs associated with the heating and cooling of Lake Elsinore residential and commercial storage tanks. Polyurethane spray foam insulation has the ability to adhere tenaciously to the surfaces of storage tanks, filling in any cracks and seams, and creating a weather-tight thermal barrier between the tank and the elements outside, and is the ideal solution for insulating water tanks, grease tanks, chemical tanks, and solar tanks. It provides storage tanks with a highly effective vapor and moisture condensation barrier, increases the structural integrity of the storage tank, and protects the surface of metal storage tanks from the development of rust, optimizing both their functionality and longevity.

High Performance Spray Foam Wall Insulation, Serving Lake Elsinore, California

Corona Coatings also installs spray polyurethane wall insulation for Lake Elsinore homeowners, business owners, and construction industry professionals. Spray polyurethane foam wall insulation systems provide superior thermal performance over traditional insulation systems, and are simply the highest quality insulation available for maximal home or business comfort. Unlike fiberglass batt insulation, spray polyurethane foam wall insulation has the ability to conform tightly to every angle and structure within the wall cavity, eliminating gaps around electrical outlets and conduits, and forming a tight seal around pipes and other through-the-wall plumbing penetrations. And not only does spray polyurethane wall insulating foam keep your home or business warm in the winter, and cool in the summer, but it also creates a protective environmental envelope around your Lake Elsinore home or business, protecting those inside from the infiltration of dust, pollutants, pollen, and also providing an effective barrier against outside noise.

Lake Elsinore Homeowners, Business Owners, and Construction Industry Professionals Call Corona Coatings Corp. for Expert Foam Roofing and Insulation Services

At Corona Coatings, we offer free onsite estimates on all Lake Elsinore roofing and insulation projects. Join our thousands of satisfied customers throughout the Inland Empire. Call us today.

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Thank you Corona Coatings for your outstanding service and hard work. The new roof performs better than our expectations. The roof actually drains and we have not had a single leak. First time in 8 years and we have noticed that our Office Building is a lot cooler. Thanks to the insulation benefit!

GSK Products, Inc.


Dear Team Corona Coatings,

We wanted to take this opportunity to THANK YOU for the wonderful job your team did on our new roof. The cool roof has met and well exceeded our expectations. Most important, our leaks are gone but with the new roof the inside of our building . . .

Dave and Robin Nash, Four Seasons Truck Center, Colton, CA

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